About Us

The Flourish Academy was established to help share the thinking behind the Flourish Values Model (FVM) and to promote a more ecological approach to understanding the conditions that underpin and promote human flourishing. It is currently in the pilot phase of its development.

We offer a range of high-quality online training courses aimed at policymakers, community leaders, experienced coaches, schools, teachers and parents. The courses provide a comprehensive understanding of the Flourish Values Model (FVM) and the ways in which it can assist in the creation of more caring, compassionate and sustainable societies. The aim is for the first global pilots to take place during 2020, with further initiatives then being developed worldwide.

The Academy is the training portal for the Flourish Project Ltd www.flourishproject.net 

Our Development Team

Wendy Ellyatt, Founder and Chief Executive

Wendy is passionate about unlocking the potential in people.

For the last thirty years, she has been exploring the unique qualities of human learning and development, with a particular emphasis on what gives us meaning and purpose. Her studies have taken her from being a specialist in the foundational importance of early learning, to examining early years policymaking, international perspectives, natural systems dynamics and the importance of family and community life for the creation of sustainable societies and cultures of lifelong learning. 

In 2018 she created the Flourish Project as a global platform sharing the concept of the Flourish Values Model (FVM) and in 2019 she also became Co Chair of the Global Council developing the Wellbeing Economy Alliance www.wellbeingeconomy.org

What does fulfil us and produce sustainable states of wellbeing? How do we protect both children and adults from systems that undermine our inherent creativity and potential? How do we ensure that we can all feel valued and connected?

Wendy's diverse projects explore the science of human flourishing, the modern world's erosion of childhood and our shared need for a meaningful relationship, community and contribution.

About Simon 

For thirty years Simon has been helping to close gaps; between supply and demand, between perception and reality - and between people. His passion lies in being curious about what makes people happy, healthy, wealthy and fulfilled and how they can achieve a sustainable balance between what they need and what they have. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, an accredited MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) practitioner and a long-time advocate of the work of Richard Barrett and the Barrett Values Centre. 

‚ÄčAs co-founder of Profusion International, he created the concept of Wholehearted Customer Management (WCM) and worked with Frederick Reichheld, the customer loyalty guru, to deliver the First European Summit on WCM in Dublin in 2004. Much of his subsequent work has been in local government, where he has worked as a consultant helping to design, develop, implement and support the very best customer experiences, which balance the needs of all stakeholders.

It was whilst working within a London Local Authority in 2017 that he met Wendy Ellyatt and recognised the huge potential of the Flourish Model for promoting and sustaining societal well-being.  He became a director of the company in 2018 and is currently overseeing the development of the training programme.


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