Barrett Coach Certification

Become an FVM Certified Coach


Learn About 

  • The global need for a new, systems-based Ecology of Wellbeing
  • How the Flourish Values Model (FVM) explains the early shaping of values and mindsets.
  • How the Flourish Model underpins the Barrett Values Model.
  • How we can engage urban populations in meaningful conversations about what underpins the creation of good lives and sustainable communities
  • How we can empower people to feel that their own thoughts, opinions and ideas matter.
  • How do we tap into the shared wisdom of community
  • How do can encourage and facilitate partnership-working between citizens, organisations in the community and local government 
  • How we can people from competitive and defensive siloed thinking to more co-creative and generative dialogues
  • How we can show people just how amazing early human development is in terms of shaping the futures that we want, rather the ones that are predictable
  • How we help every child and adult feel that they matter and are being supported in becoming their best ‘selves’
  • How we can help positively transform the patterns of the past 
    to actively co-create our future

Why You Should Take This Course

  • It will put you at the forefront of professional practitioners who understand the importance of systems-thinking and the need for ecological solutions.
  • It will help you to understand the huge importance of early human development i.e. getting it right from the beginning
  • It will give you access to a powerful new way of understanding and promoting the conditions for human flourishing
  • It will enhance your own practice and wellbeing
  • It will connect you to a global group of practitioners who are dedicated to working together for the creation of a more caring and compassionate world

Program Tutor - Simon Daisley

As the Flourish Project Director of Training, and an experienced Barrett Coach himself, Simon is there to help everyone fully understand the model and to find ways that we can more actively work together to create a more caring and compassionate world. He will be there to support your own process and to network you with others - both during the training and after you have completed your certification.

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